Projects Management System

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Projects Management System

Post by Jashandeep on Sat Oct 29, 2011 5:20 am


A web based decision support system, accessible from anywhere in the world at any point of time,designed to synchronize each and every department of an organization in order to bring forth any required information related to Team//Clients//Projects//Daily Tasks//Invoicing//Sales & Revenue. BIZixx helps you in reducing your costs and increasing productivity hence both the TOP LINE and BOTTOM line of your financial statements are well taken care of.

The Key Utilities Of BIZixx Include:

facilitation of quick and reliable business management tangible and intangible resources tracking tool automated software for management of sales force a weapon to fight against competition ability to make better business decisions with our decision support system,smarter management of daily reporting, invoicing, clients, tasks, projects, and teams


Companies are adjusting their business plans under the challenging business environment of the new global economy to increase the speed at which they can do business and make decisions. The influx of outsourcing and a large rise in imports and exports has increased the competition in both pricing and quality, while the life cycles of products are shrinking. This competition has caused many businesses to waste time and money on internal resources that have been a deterrent to business optimization, which has also been effected by incompetent corporate decision making. BIZixx offers companies the ability to shift to a high productivity and low cost environment which optimizes the wide range of a company's available resources at incomparable pricing, thus eliminating wasteful business practices. BIZixx strives to provide a strong backbone for all kinds of business portfolios. BIZixx is specially designed to equip businesses with the most reliable and time saving features they require for their day-to-day business management. We are equipped to provide the trouble shooting resources a company needs for handling both tangible and intangible resources to provide business optimization.


Team Management System
Projects Management System
Tasks Management
Billing/Invoice Management
Track Payments
Reports: For Any Team Member Or Client Or Project


BIZixx understands how strenuous finding an ERP that is right for your business can be. That is why BIZixx has come up with a well-designed system that can make your day-to-day decision making process much easier while producing authentic results. BIZixx can provide an aligned form to all kinds of business structures. Instead of a product that consumes your hard earned money, BIZixx is an investment which will be a catalyst to maximizing your business profits, which will result from overall reduced costs. Other ERP's may offer similar services, but only BIZixx offers our customers features such as accounting, invoicing, and team management. We at BIZixx believe in offering our clients services, support, and pricing that will be the basis of providing an unmatchable bond with our customers and help establish a long term, ongoing relationship with them. The sooner you start using BIZixx, the sooner you will have the tools at your disposal that you will need to maximize your profits. The BIZixx team and tools are standing by, ready to help your business become the best it can be. By ordering BIZixx today, you can start seeing results tomorrow and be on your way to optimized results and a more efficient, more profitable business.

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