Tips on how to turn FLV to MOV?

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Tips on how to turn FLV to MOV?

Post by eliuliu1989 on Mon Oct 24, 2011 8:13 pm

Most people may know that MOV is QuickTime movie format which is an audio as well as video format created by Apple. Therefore, it's widely applied on Iphone and Ipad devices. While on the other hand, we also know that all the Apple devices such as Mac Book, Iphone and Ipad can't straight support flash videos. Therefore, it's fairly essential to learn how to convert FLV to MOV so that we're able to enjoy the FLV vide on Apple devices.
Next, we will look into tips on how to convert FLV to MOV using a video converter.
Step 1: Please down load a video converter as well as set it up.
Step 2: just start the video converter as well as click on the add icon to input the FLV movie.

You'll be able to click on the control keys under the view screen to preview the FLV movie. Select the output movie format as MOV along with designate a folder for the produced movie. Then, click on the settings icon to accomplish the fundamental audio as well as video settings for the output movie.

Step 3: just click “Tool” - “Options” to customize the general, connection, thumbnail and conversion of the FLV to MOV transforming.

Step 4: next you might click on the edit icon to modify the movie.

Here you can trim and crop the movie, customize the display effects and even add text or maybe image watermark for the output movie.
Step 5: lastly, you need to click on the convert icon as well as select “Open output folder after the conversion”. Then the converter will automatically open the output folder after the FLV to MOV transformation.
After the transformation, you'll be able to enjoy the movie on your pc or maybe Apple devices like Ipad and Iphone 3gs.


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