Unique affiliate opportunity @ www.workingfromhomeprofessionals.com

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Unique affiliate opportunity @ www.workingfromhomeprofessionals.com

Post by Coran on Wed Oct 05, 2011 4:46 am

www.workingfromhomeprofessionals.com is not your typical affiliate program. Instead of focusing on just getting affiliate marketers we try and focus on anyone who wants to earn extra money. That way anyone can earn through this program. The biggest difference between us and other affiliate marketing programs is that we include incentives in our program.

We pay out $20 per sale in a 15 to 30 day time frame, from the day that the sale was made. The incentives are: a %10 bonus for every 20 sales (an extra $40) and a %50 bonus for every 100 sales ($1000 extra). It's as simple and easy as that.


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