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Post by donate2Generate4Life on Wed Sep 28, 2011 11:51 am - Donate to Generate for Life is an Idea that I am currently in the process of registering as a Non-profit Charity organization. With this idea I believe that we can eventually end the dependency on people to contribute to charities year after year and still be able to generate enough income to help all over the world. We will no longer need help from our governments to give us with money. Also, this will also help us to create jobs. Let the 99% prove that we are capable of generating for those that are in need of assistant. I know that the 1% is generous and always helping us, but it is time that we take good use of the donations that we receive. That way it is not just for a one time handout. Once we establish this system, then we can become independent from charity. The idea that I am about to introduce can take as long as 33years to establish or it can take one day, depending on how many people are interested in this Idea and willing to donate when the time comes. Now let me start to explain this idea in four simple steps.

1. We will need dedicated people to raise $1,000,000 in the first year. That will help us to buy a 10 unit apartment building.

2. We rent out each unit for $1000/month and that will generate $120,000 dollars in income.

3. We then distribute the $120,000. 25% every year will go out directly as charity to programs or people, 50% every year will go to maintenance and employees, 25% every year will be re-invested to acquire a new multi unit building.

4. This time we will need another set of dedicated people to raise $970,000 for the 2nd year, and the 3rd year will be $940,000, and the 4th year will be $910,000 and so on until year 33 we will be able to purchase new apartments with the income generated from our investments instead of donations.

Just imagin that we can grow this to 100,000 units and that will give us $100,000,000 in revenue year after year. I believe we can make this happen together, I know I can't do this alone.

Now the trick is that we can do this for 33 years or we can do this in 1 day. The Magic number is the 33. If we can convince 33 million people to contribute $1.00 then we can accomplish this in 1 day or if we can convince 1000 people to contribute $1000 for 33 years. Below is a Chart that can better explain the investments:

In order for me to start this project, I want to know your dedication, feedbacks and additional ideas. Please help me with this project and you will be very happy to see that your donations are not just a onetime deed. You will receive this deed every time we distribute the income to charity. Please complete the commitments section and that will help me to give you updates when I complete the project. Thank you for your support and commitments.


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