Servicing a Rolex Watch

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Servicing a Rolex Watch

Post by comet on Tue Aug 09, 2011 11:48 am

rolex service includes cleaning, polishing, lubricating, timing test and pressure test of your Rolex timepiece. Each and every part of the watch movement is ultrasonically cleaned, degreased and then individually inspected for any signs of excessive wear. Then the watch case and bracelet is completely polished and refinished to remove any scratches or blemishes and the factory finish is restored. All moving parts will then be lubricated to ensure that critical parts of the movement will last to their full expected life. Each Rolex is then tested in 5 positions over a period of 48 hours to ensure proper time keeping. Any required adjustments will be made accordingly. The watch is then tested for water resistance and if needed, gaskets and seals are replaced to assure that your Rolex meets Rolex factory specifications. Only genuine spares are used if needed.

Rolex maintains competent and regularly trained staff to meet these customer needs. Rolex repair staff is continuously trained and updated on their repair skill to meet the challenging industry needs and updated with their latest products. They have a global presence to serve their client base in a better way. If your Rolex is in warranty get it worked out at authorized centre only. In case you avail services of a local watchmaker for your Rolex then you must check that he is trained for your watch brand and has enough tools and spares to repair your watch. Do not attempt to repair your Rolex watches yourself, else you may ruin the movement or break any precise parts.


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