Fertilizer Composition "PLANT ACTIVATOR" Proven and Guaranteed

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Fertilizer Composition "PLANT ACTIVATOR" Proven and Guaranteed

Post by anugrah on Sat Jul 30, 2011 8:28 pm

Fertilizer composition "PLANT ACTIVATOR" is the best choice for the farmers to make the fertilizer used more optimal and efficient. It contains 75% active substance Cz 175 completed with 17 elements which needed by plants as generative and vegetative growth. Cz 175 Activator is very useful to protect essential elements in the soil caused by soil constituent during growth period, so that fertilizer applied will be more optimal and efficient. Usage: Mix 10% of Plant Activator with the conventional fertilizer and apply the fertilizer as usual. Price : Rp 36,000/Kg (exclude shipping). More detail, please contact anugrahmitra68@yahoo.com or (+62) (0761) 085278395204 or click:


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