Shipping fast Hp elitebook 8530w Battery (4400mAh 14.4V ) - sale on

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Shipping fast Hp elitebook 8530w Battery (4400mAh 14.4V ) - sale on

Post by bestbatteryshops on Thu Jul 28, 2011 9:07 pm

Shipping fast Hp elitebook 8530w Battery (4400mAh 14.4V ) - sale on

Hp elitebook 8530w Battery

Volt :14.4V
Capacity :4400mAh
Type :Li-ion
Dimension :268.50x53.40x20.20mm
Condition : Brand New
Availability : In Stock

List Price : $ 89.77
Special Price : $ 69.05

Full 1 year warranty, 30-day money back!
Secure Shopping Guarantee. Buy now save 30%.
Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Battery doesn't suffer from the memory effect at all.


Descriptions of Hp elitebook 8530w Laptop Battery

1. 100% brand new high quality replacement batteries, compatible Li-ion batteries.
2. This battery can be used for the other Hp models and battery part No.!
3. Great After-sales Service Department for battery, fast respond to your request!
4. Delivery Fast if you order the Hp laptop battery.
5. Need any assistance on Laptop Battery, please feel free to contact us via!

This Laptop Battery can replace the following part numbers:

EliteBook 8530P
EliteBook 8530W
EliteBook 8540P
EliteBook 8540W
EliteBook 8730P
EliteBook 8730W

This Laptop Battery is also compatible with the following models:

Hp elitebook 8530w battery tips:

All of us want to prolong our Hp laptop battery's life. What should we do to prolong the laptop battery's life? here is some brief guide to extend your li-ion Hp elitebook 8530w battery's life..

You must initially give the battery a 12-14 hour charge on the proper charger.Try to use the home charger more often than the cigarette lighter charger.
Not in the high temperature environment for charging Hp Battery ,make sure the environment temperature is suitable temperature.


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Re: Shipping fast Hp elitebook 8530w Battery (4400mAh 14.4V ) - sale on

Post by luxextucker on Tue Aug 02, 2011 12:45 pm

Its a really good deal and I waited for such a deal for a long time as my old laptop battery is not working well and discharge so soon. So I am really thinking to have a new one.


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