Free Facebook Credits - 15 Credits

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Free Facebook Credits - 15 Credits

Post by NewsOnline on Tue Aug 17, 2010 3:33 pm

15 free Facebook Credits

15 Free Facebook Credits (a $1.50 USD value). Use them to buy premium items in many games on Facebook. Go play!

LINK: Click here to collect 15 Free Facebook Credits

What are Facebook Credits?
Facebook Credits are a secure and easy way to buy optional items such as virtual pets, premium game weaponry, and other fun supplies in many of your favorite free games. Credits have a monetary value. Spend or save them as you like.

How do you get credits?
If you see a credit balance and didn't buy your own credits, then you likely received free credits directly from Facebook as a gift. Otherwise, you can earn credits through special offers or buy credits using PayPal, credit cards, or your mobile.

Which games accept credits?
Many of the top games on Facebook accept credits as payment for premium items. To see where you can use credits, visit the help center.

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