Xavor SharePoint 2010 Migrator Premium

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Xavor SharePoint 2010 Migrator Premium

Post by amukhtarx on Thu May 12, 2011 1:33 am

How regularly you backup your valuable SharePoint contents? The Premium version of Xavor SharePoint 2010 Migrator lets you export data based on file system to desired folder on the disk, and at a later date this content could be physically transferred to destination and it lets users to conveniently restore to the earlier created checkpoints. Be it Backup and Restore or just Import or Export, the Premium version of this tool is surely a one stop solution to SharePoint migration and administration needs.
Users can also count on its core functionality of contents & permissions migration whereby the Migrator ensures 0% content loss during the migration and entire process can be completed with just a few clicks. The associated meta-data migrates with the content and navigation links, versioning, etc. remains intact. These are just some of the features which are part of the tool, and you can download a free evaluation copy to try before you decide to buy this state-of-the-art SharePoint Migration and Administration tool.
Wish to know more – visit us at www.xavor.com/sharepoint or contact us at sharepoint@xavor.com
href="http://www.xavor.com/index.php/what-we-do/solutions/xavor-sharepoint-2010-migrator-premium/">Sharepoint Content Migration</a>


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