Start Your Own Daycare Services

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Start Your Own Daycare Services

Post by AndreCollison on Sat May 07, 2011 6:36 pm

Looking for career that would help you shape the future of little minds? You might as well start your own daycare services.

A good daycare provides rich experiences, especially for a child ready to interact with other children, aged two and beyond. Based on a study released in March, 2007 by the National Institute of Health on a group of children through early childhood to the sixth grade, those given a high quality of childcare scored higher in 5th grade vocabulary tests.

A similar study in 2001 is indicative of benefits of daycare to children. Those who had high-quality care scored higher on tests of language, memory and other skills than did children of stay-at-home mothers or children in lower-quality daycare. Hence childcare services are crucial to child’s mental development. A solid foundation from a good daycare may ensure adequate early childhood education. From a parental perspective, good daycare complements good parenting.

Some people make a decent living or supplement a spouse’s income by running a childcare service of their own. Most consider that it allows the more time to be with their children while and still be enables them to contribute to the family budget. If you are on the same thought, now is the time for you to start your own daycare services.

You have the option to go full-time on this career. Some earn as much as 3,000 dollars a month, and make a solid 40, 000 dollars annually. However, this all depends to a great degree, on starting your own daycare services right and putting all efforts towards providing the best care you could give to your charges. Loyal patronage starts from a solid reputation and giving it your best shot. These are thoughts for you to think over as you start your own daycare services.

For more info: How to start daycare


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