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Post by muys35 on Fri Apr 08, 2011 8:45 am

When I typed a word 'Free blogger templates' into a search box from my blog, I suddenly came across one income opportunity offered by and I doubted it because I experienced before that many online readers who did by participating in free money-making programs online complained that they are scammed.

But I tried it with faith because I remember that one expert blogger who wrote about reviews, proofs, banners, etc on PTC, commissions, etc warned that no matter what he knew that readers are scammed by it and you are afraid of being scammed, there is no chances you can make money.
Today, he is 100% right. I make $3 bonus for signing up as a member, $ 6 commission on software sales, $0.30 clicks and also $ 3 referral which is registered by friends, relations,etc from you.

With this, my joy know no bounds. I decide to share with you by offering you free complete guides because it is true. I found it works. And they will work with you once you sign it up above I provide you.

Now, there are 8 complete guides you need to apply here.

1. Open a PayPal account if you don't have one because they will pay you via PayPal. And if you don't have one or you find your country is forbidden, don't worry. They will pay you via optional payments. Simply!

2. Go to and click it and then fill it with your name and primary email address. And if you find that you cant click on it, then copy and paste it into another open window and hit it.

3. Then you will get a email confirmation as a member from this site.

4. After that, go to this site and and log it in with your email address and password. And the will be opened.

5.Then follow simple steps on how to work provided by this site and choose which pages, banners, promotional materials you want to place on your website using free or Or you can place all those codes into your HTML if you want to increase your income revenue daily.

6.After that, you will put the code provided into your website's html.

7. And send it to the world via facebook, twitter, forum online, etc.

8. Lastly, rest and watch that your money will gradually grow into big income for days and months daily without stopping. Believe me. Go and act now. And there is one secret you need to know: The secret of earning dollar daily as a salary is Constancy.
Good luck! Congrats.


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