Buy Nike air max shoes with my brother

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Buy Nike air max shoes with my brother

Post by goodnike on Thu Apr 07, 2011 9:24 pm

My old brother likes sports very much. So he buys sports shoes very frequently. Not because the quality of the shoes is poor so that he often buys sports shoes, but because he likes the Nike air max 2009 shoes and Michael jordan shoesvery much. He will buy the shox shoes immediately when the newest air max shoes are released. But I don’t like sports, so I never bought any sports shoes before much less Nike air max 2009 shoes.via

Yesterday I accompanied with my old brother to buy his beloved nike <a href=" "> air max 2009 shoes</a> shoes . It was the first time that I went shopping with him. When I enter into the shox shoes store, I found there were many Nike Shox shoes for sale in the store, such as nike air max shoes, Nike air max 2011 shoes and Nike air max Monster shoes and so on.

I was attracted buy a pair of nike air max 2011 shoes at my first glance, the shoes is very fashionable. So my brother let me tried it on. I have to say such Nike <a href=" "> air max 2011 shoes</a> sale shoe is very comfortable. The sole of the shoes is very soft. So my brother bought the air max shoes for me. It was the first pair of shox shoes I have worn.via
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<tr><td align="center"><b> air max 2011<font style="color:red"> $69</b></font></td></tr>


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