How To Find A Business Need and fill it

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How To Find A Business Need and fill it

Post by muys35 on Tue Mar 22, 2011 3:59 am

Finding a business need and filling it will carry you more money. There are many types of business needs you can choose and fill it.

Let me share my experience with you now. I was a professional barber. I worked in a business including two football PS2 consoles at my home. One day, one of my female tenants came to me and asked for my permission to be put her water drinking mug into my imported freezer for ice block. And so did I.

But later I found that the one and others often put water drink into my freezer for either cold or ice block during summer. With this, a business idea suddenly dropped into my mind which said Ice block and pure water business. And I agreed at it by planning to add a business. Before starting to sell, I told tenant and others who often put water drink into my freezer that I would start this business soon.

But to my surprise, they and others outside my tenants patronized me for ice block and water cold. With this, I made good profits daily including my other two business in my home. I thank God for adding His business idea to me. There are many types of business opportunities you can choose and add it to your business.It is good.
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