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ecommerce market

Post by bisht3 on Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:38 am

I think your best bet might be to choose an open source shopping cart that you would like to work with and then pay a developer to add the extra functions that you want. If I was starting a new e commerce project now I would probably look at Magento.

ecommerce market


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Re: ecommerce market

Post by Quickgun12 on Wed Sep 21, 2011 3:48 am

Hi...E-commerce marketing is all about enticing web surfers to your site and, once there, to entice them into becoming a customer. While overall similar to marketing a physical business, e-commerce marketing has some unique ingredients. For instance, marketing a physical store requires substantial enticement to move a customer to take the effort to physically come by your store location. It also means that the customer has an “investment” in the visit. They have expended time, energy and money to get to the location.

E-commerce Marketing Priorities

We divide web site marketing into three primary divisions:

Enticing visitors (non-customers) to come to the site
Search engine registration (natural search results)
Public relations – news releases, articles and stories
Online advertising (banners, links / cross-links, directories, newsletter placement, etc.)
Converting visitors (non-customers) into customers
In-site promotions
Sales / Special Offers
In-store Coupons
Associated Products
Customer Recommendations
Opt-in Email Promotions
Site Effectiveness
Enticing appropriate visitor behavior
Establishing emotional context
Building relationships
Increasing per-customer purchases
After sale marketing
After sale relationship building

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