Iphone Development Company: Newpath WEB

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Iphone Development Company: Newpath WEB

Post by newpathweb on Fri Feb 18, 2011 11:40 pm

Apple's iPhone is a smart multimedia phone designed especially for tech savvy people. This unique device has plenty of other features as well in addition to these, such as audio conferencing, video recording, voice control, cool games and incredible voice control.

Nowadays, the very first step to keep in mind while hiring iPhone developers is that they should know the application market well enough to survive in it and must be able to build applications for Andriod, BlackBerry, Palm, etc. Make sure that the company you hire has previously developed iPhone applications and have sold them on Apple's App Store. If the company is technically strong with professional and qualified developers that are in to Software development then it’s a sure plus point for you.

Newpath WEB, an Australia based company specialises in the design and development of mobile applications for iphone, ipad, Android & Blackberry. Newpath WEB has already designed and developed over 100 mobile applications ranging from Books, Games, Practical Apps, Tutorial/Educational apps, Sales and marketing brochures and more.

To know more about Iphone app development, please visit the site http://www.newpathweb.com.au


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i Phone development company

Post by Neetasha on Mon Oct 03, 2011 5:53 am

Android is a mobile operating system that has been highly successful because of its incredible features. Most of the smart phones in the market run on Android OS.Since the success of Android, lot of Android Development Companies has spurred up everywhere.Our hiring process of an Android application developer is also very strict as he has to face many grueling rounds before he gets selected.Our technical expertise in this field coupled with full service solutions offering; enable our team to deliver custom and scalable Android applications at affordable costs.

Features of Android Applications:

* Android creates an ecosystem between the Android Developer, user, manufacturer and the Android development company which leads to a win-win relationship for all.
* It is developed on an open-source platform providing us an opportunity to give back to the community.
* Android has a large Android developers community who organize forums, events and competitions to optimize services to the clients.
* Since it is created by Google it facilitates and accelerates the use of all the Google services like Gmail, Gtalk, Google Maps and youtube.
* Android supports flash, which provides us the option to build a fully flash application that can run on Android.
* Unique application framework which helps us to reuse and replace components.

To know more about please visit our website:


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