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Post by hiddenchilli on Thu Feb 10, 2011 5:43 am

QuadBux - Quadbux.com
For Members...
Get paid to view advertisements! As a member, you'll get paid for each click that you generate by browsing our sponsor's ads. We offer all features of today's PTC technology, including instant purchase processing and referral renting.Have a look inside and start earning now we offer:

• Up to $0.02* for your own click and $0.0125* for every ref click
• Access detailed statistics of your refs including demographic location
• Guaranteed four ads a day
• Rented Referrals have at least 4 clicks in the past 3 days
• Minimum payout is $3.00 for Free members and is lowered for upgraded members
• 48 Hour Cashout for Free members and time is lowered for upgraded members
• Sign Up Bonus of $0.05 for first 120 users
• Owned by a reliable and honest company with a verified Paypal and Alertpay account
• Site is constantly being improved and updated
Join: [URL="http://www.quadbux.com/?ref=hiddenchilli"]http://www.quadbux.com[/URL]


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